Saturday, 17 April 2010

Opinions with balls

I wonder how much attention we normally pay to the forest of words we encounter as we go about our business in the city.  It was only when I started looking closely that I became aware of the way words insinuate themselves into our consciousness, sometimes with shock tactics, sometimes more subtly....

With so many claims on my attention, my senses become overloaded and I become deaf to their pleas and suspicious of their claims.  It is with relief that I head homewards, settling myself on my train and looking forward to a quiet hour. But my peace is soon disturbed by the man sitting next to me who opens up his laptop and taps away furiously for the entire journey - a sea of words floating on his screen, a cacophany of distorted words emanating from his iPod headphones.  With a sigh, I pull out my book - if you can't beat them....


  1. Haha- funny end!- and some funny observations/pictures! Yes, you are right: "my senses become overloaded"- but now imagine the feeling of a foreigner who tries to translate some of thoses phrases and often doesn't understand them, for example "opinions with balls"- there may be any sense, any allusion, and some subsence/connotation? But one word I know well (almost the same in German), and I'm sure you suffered from the "cacophony of distorted words emanating from his iPod headphones"- and you are so right! Nothing can beat a book, the sounds of silence, and the book will never die!

  2. Even though you may not understand all the words, you probably get the sense of what is being portrayed from the picture. Opinions with balls was advertising a female newpaper columnist who is not afraid of airing confrontational opinions, more in the manner of a man - hence the 'with balls'! I agree - the best companion on a journey is definitely a good book.