Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Read all about it

On my penultimate London journey only two dice options remained and this time my journey turned out to be under the influence of words...

The Rules
- Select a word from the day's newspaper headline
- Visit tube stations beginning with each letter of the word
- Each tube station visited to be on a different line
- Spend a maximum of half an hour in the area taking photographs
- The theme of the photographs is to be words

On looking at the headline of my copy of the Guardian there was no doubt in my mind which word to choose - parole, which of course means word in French.  I need no more convincing of the role of serendipity in the ways of the world!

I had my work cut out for me - six letters meant six stations to be visited, all of which had to be on a different line.  There was no special criteria involved in choosing the stations, other than that the route had to be realistic and completed within the day.  This involved a little planning - I tried to choose stations which I wasn't familiar with in areas that haven't been covered on previous journeys.  

The amount of ground to be covered and the limited time to complete the task meant that this journey had a completely different flavour to the more leisurely and unhurried ambling of previous journeys.  This was travelling with a destination and an agenda in mind.....


  1. a fascinating idea to follow the words- and I see it may have been a busy and hurried day! The name of the last station is funny! "The theme of the photographs is to be words"- yes, there are different kinds, purposes, and intentions of words and language (information, appellation, call up): newspaper - signs -names- advertising- graffiti - but no personal word (expression) -political paroles -missionary words (s. former chapter)- book titles- a word that may evoke our emotions or could be rooting in our mind - I'm interested in this verbal appearance of urban life - but one word may be a fine prediction for all SC'ers: "important meeting"! (I'm just hearing the people crying: 3:2; oh, the match ManU- FC Bayern was so exciting that I had to leave the room..)

  2. I never knew you were a football fan, Philine - I'm afraid the result was not received with such joy in our household! My whole day was dominated by words - and yes, there were even book titles - more to come in following posts.